Why a V-Tracker for your vehicle?

According to the federal police of Belgium 10.091 cars have been stolen in the year 2015. That amounts to an average of 27 stolen cars per day. Vehicle theft on the streets remains the most popular, but carjacking is on the rise; especially with luxury vehicles.

source: Federal Police of Belgium

Gone in 10 seconds!

Classic cars increase in value, but their technology remains the same. That means that these vehicles are very easy to steal. Protect your precious car, safeguard your investment with the most modern technology that is being used by high-profile customers with the utmost satisfaction.

Old cars get stolen, New cars get hacked!

The same technology that protects your vehicle is being used to steal it. Remote central locking systems and keyless Start & Go are all controlled electronically and are being hacked with cheap electronic devices purchased on the Internet. A stand-alone tracking system of Hiddentec is being used by high-profile customers worldwide, simply because it gets the job done!

Discretion, Privacy and Security

You can access your personal account from our encrypted server from any device of your choice. Control is in your hands, but we provide a full service from installation until vehicle recuperation.

Advantages of a  stand-alone tracking system

  • You are all the time protected, because the car tracker will be installed inside your vehicle.
  • A stand-alone tracking system is the only protection against relay attack.
  • Our specialised alarms notify you immediately, responsiveness is key!
  • You can remotely activate alarms and optionally make 1- or 2-way audio communication.
  • Accurately pinpoint the location of your vehicle and prevent it from starting.
  • You can choose who can see your tracker or send them a location with google maps and/or earth.
  • Intelligent power management with several power modes. Battery life until 1 year with one single charge!
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Protect your classic car, luxury vehicle or investment

Reports a variety of triggers: Panic switch(es), Car ignition On/Off, Motion detection, Disconnected battery, Door switch, ...
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