The next level in personal protection tracking.

The MP+ is developed for the protection of people who can get in contact with dangerous situations, but is also being used to avoid the disappearance of elderly people or people who suffer from a disease like dementia or alzheimer. Our tracking systems for people is the most serious type of tracking, but this high-grade device will keep your people safe!


The personal GPS locator would not be personal if it did not have interactive functions. Pinpoint important locations for a report or request assistance with the panic button. The MP+ has the capacity to create a 1- or 2-way audio channel to clarify the exact situation immediately. Privacy is also a very important factor for us, the user has complete control and decides what information is visible to others.


The MP+ is a complete stand-alone tracking unit and can also be deployed for tracking cargo or placed in multiple vehicles. Worldwide coverage, so it could protect a traveller or his luggage.

Forward alarms

Vigori Tracking is available 24/7 for necessary assistance, and you can also forward your active alarms to whoever you choose. The MP+ also provides a much needed protection for employees who work alone or in dangerous scenarios, according to the belgian law ARAB, Title III, Chpt.1, Sect.IX, Art.54ter:
“Every isolated employee requires the necessary protection tools for the job at hand”

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We protect VIP's, Worldtravellers, Children, seniors and people with dementia.
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