Your Hiddentec tracking system

Vigori Tracking is an accredited dealer of Hiddentec, a renown developer of tracking systems. Find here your discrete tracking system that meets the golden standard of the security industry to protect your oldtimer, classic car, valuable asset; or buy a personal tracker for permanent protection for employees or loved ones.

Vigori Tracking 24/7 service

Security does not know any rest, that’s why we are always on stand-by to offer professional assistance to our customers. Modifying settings to maintain the best available protection or making sure your property gets found and safely delivered back to you after theft. Vigori Tracking offers you a VIP-service combined with Hiddentec’s market leading tracking systems.

Full range of tracking systems

We provide a wide range of different tracking solutions for different kinds of activities. You cannot find your solution on this website? Contact us with your specific needs. We have more products in store than visible on this website.

Everything that can be stolen can be tracked!

Containers, valuable packages, jewels, art or construction machines,…
We have several covert trackers for specific goals and we also make custom tracking systems on demand.
All requests are handled with the utmost discretion.